Volunteer - GEXCon


GEXCon Crew Roles:

  • Badge Redemption
  • Info Booth Assistant
  • F2P Assistant
  • VR Assistant
  • Setup / Teardown

If you know our con well enough and know of a more specific role you’re interested in helping out with, contact us via discord, twitter, or email.


  • 8 hours = full 3 day badge back
  • 4 hours = half 3 day badge back
  • We reimburse people to make certain people show up for shifts
  • Join a new volunteer family, the GEXCon Crew
  • Fill out the form below
  • Join discord
  • Say “hey I’m here because I volunteered!” in #general
  • Show up 10 min before you start to Info Desk
  • Help out
  • Enjoy GEXCon for free or half the price
  • ???
  • Profit

Each year GEXCon is getting bigger & better and we need your help. Sign up and complete a 4 hour shift and we will reimburse you for half of your 3-Day pass! Looking to get reimbursed for your FULL 3-Day pass? Then sign up and complete 8 hours of volunteering! We make you pay for a 3 day ticket and then do reimbursements in order to make certain that people actually show up for their shifts.

Never volunteered at a convention before? Don’t worry. All volunteers MUST show up to the Info Desk 10 minutes prior to the start of their shift. This will give everyone enough time for instructions.


  • 1 Four (4) Hour Shift = 50% reimbursement for a 3 Day General Pass
    2 Four (4) Hour Shift = 100% reimbursement for a 3 Day General Pass
  • Volunteer Shifts

    Please select ALL times of availability to volunteer for. You will only be assigned the number of shifts you have requested.
  • Select all of the time slots you are available to volunteer.
  • Select all of the time slots you are available to volunteer.
  • Select all of the time slots you are available to volunteer.
  • Please enter any additional information such as previous experience, additional availability, desire to be more involved with GEXCon, special skills (VR for example).
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