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Looking to take your GEXCon experiance to the next level?
Join a tournament or even BYOC.


GEXCon is pleased to announce we are bringing back CS:GO as our main tournament at this year’s event. Teams will compete over two days for a Prize Pool.

A maximum of 24 teams will compete in a 5v5 LAN format. The top 3 teams will earn a piece of the Prize Pool and several matches will be streamed throughout each day. Viewing areas will be available for attendees of GEXCon to watch the action (admission required). Teams advancing to the Semi and Championship Rounds (Sunday) will all compete on the Live Stage.


You can bring your own computer, hang out with your friends, and attend an awesome convention!

By ‘BYOC’ we actually mean, bring your own: computer, monitor, keyboard, headset/mic, mouse, ethernet cord, cables, and surge protector. We’ll provide the rest. Many people call it a LAN, we call it our BYOC area.

There are special BYOC tickets in order to pay for the extra costs of internet and staff to make certain your equipment stays in the area unless you check it out.

Street Fighter V

Get ready to compete in our $500 prize pot bonus tournament! All fighting games at GEXCon will require a $10 cash entry per tournament that will go directly to the prize pool.

Super Smash Bros. Wii U

What day? Entry into this tournament is $10 cash. Prize pool will be split with 1st place winning 60%, 2nd place winning 30%, and 3rd place winning 10%.

Super Smash Melee

What day? Entry into Melee is $10 cash that will go directly to the prize pool. First Place Winner will receive 60%, Second Place Winner will receive 30%, and Thrid Place Winner will receive 10%. 

Tekken 7

(Day), enter and play to win a cash prize. First Place Winner will take home 60% fo the prize pook, Second Place winner 30% and Third Place Winner 10%. Each tourhament entry requires a $10 buy in.
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