GEXCon NCS Minor | League of Legends Washington, D.C.

NCS Minor | League of Legends at GEXCon

Get ready, summoners! The NCS circuit is bringing a League of Legends Minor to GEXCON this summer! Located at the DC Dulles Expo Center in Washington, D.C., GEX League of Legends will be a 16 team, 3-day tournament. The $2,500 prize pot is up for grabs so gather your teammates, select your champions, and prepare to level up!

Entry for this event will be $50 per player, $250 per team. Coaches/Managers are allowed (max 2 per team) but will still need to purchase day passes to the event. If a coach/manager is interested they should to reach out to to handle their registration. The prize pot is broken down as follows:
1st: $3,000
2nd: $1,000
3rd-4th: $500

Group play and bracket stages to be played on Friday & Saturday with Semi Finals and Grand Finals to be played on Sunday

To be released a week prior to the event. Matches will begin around 10:00am EST on Friday, June 28th.

All players must be ready for each match at the time designated by the tournament organizer. Players who are not available at the time of the match will be disqualified.

Matches will be played on Summoner’s Rift in tournament draft mode. Map side will be chosen by the winner of a coin flip based on seeding and alternate between teams during a series.

Pauses: Each team may pause the game at any time for the purpose of addressing technical issues. If they do so, a tournament organizer must immediately be called in order to solve the problem. Pauses may not be used for any other reason such as tactical advantage, and abusing the pause system is grounds for disqualification at the discretion of the tournament organizer.
Games will be chosen from each round of the tournament to be streamed. By participating in the tournament you agree to appear on the stream.

Toxicity will NOT be tolerated and the participating party will be disqualified with no opportunity of re-entry in future tournaments.

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