Dungeons and Dragons - GEXCon

Dungeons and Dragons

The D&D All-Stars Are Coming to GEXConvention!

Legendary players, dungeon masters, and invited industry guests are going to be joining the action and rolling dice with GEXConvention attendees! You’ve seen their names in the books, you’ve seen them play on Twitch, now sit down and share a table with them!

GEXConvention’s D&D Will Be EPIC!

D&D Epics are exciting multi-table events where participants cooperate in a “mass raid” of truly EPIC proportions; as every table works toward the same goal, individual tables act as squads that might take on different tasks, possibly affecting other tables or unlocking side quests needed to progress the event.

Adventurer’s League is Coming to GEXConvention!

The D&D Adventurers League is an ongoing official campaign for Dungeons & Dragons. You can play D&D Adventurers League games literally anywhere. Players create and bring that character to games anywhere D&D Adventurers League play is happening. No Prior experience needed!

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