BYOC or LAN | Aug 31 - Sep 2 | GEXCon

Bring Your Own Computer (BYOC)

Many people call it a LAN, we call it our BYOC area. There are special BYOC tickets in order to pay for the extra costs of internet, electric, and staff to make certain your equipment stays in the area unless you check it out. All BYOC Tickets include 3 Day Passes.

Bring your own computer, hang out with friends, and attend an awesome convention!

Things to bring: computer, monitor, keyboard, headset/mic, mouse, ethernet cord, cables, and surge protector.

Some quick FAQ’s


$70 and it inlcudes the 3 Day Pass. 


We’ll have a security system in place where you check in and out your important items. Obviously we don’t want to give the full details on this so people can’t speculate how to beat it. The pipe & drape as well as table check in area will also help with keeping people that shouldn’t be in there out. While we work very hard to maintain security, FIAD Entertainment Group, LLC assumes no responsibility for lost, stolen or damaged items. We will have a LAN Waiver Form that must be signed prior to bringing in any equipment in the BYOC Area.


The BYOC area will be in the main hall but there will be some short pipe & drape to section off the area, which will help with security.


I mean, if you want to bring your own chair, sure. We certainly don’t have an issue with it unless it becomes bothersome to others around you. That pretty much goes for most things though.


Unfortunately you can not bring food or drinks  into the venue. We know it is a common practice for LAN areas to bring coolers, but all food and beverages must be purchased from the Dulles Expo Center.

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