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 We’re Back! (Sort of)

We continue to look for ways to bring GEXCon back as a live event.  The event industry has certainly been hit hard the past couple of years for reasons beyond our control.  Some of our convention friends were able to take advantage of government assistance but we were not as lucky.

We appreciate your interest in GEXCon and the support of our attendees, volunteers and staff over the years.  Once we find a way to put on a financially successful live event, we will do so.  Until then – GEXCon will be on hiatus. 

All is not lost though.  We are once again ramping up our affiliations with other events and will be running several Free Play areas.

After a successful Super MAGFest (January 6-9, 2022), we are looking forward to Playthrough (March 19-20, 2022).  If you are at the event, please stop by – say Hi and have some fun in the Free Play area with our amazing Computer Upgrade King computers.

Until then, be safe and know that we miss you and will do our very best to come back even stronger.

Dennis C. Wiltshire, CEO
FIAD Entertainment Group, LLC


Board and card games, PC games, console games and more.


Meet up with new or old friends, talk gaming, show off cosplay, check out the exhibitors, and so much more!


Play in friendly tournaments on consoles, PCs, or even some TCGs.

Premier Tournaments

CS:GO 5v5


NCS Major!

Rocket League 3v3



League of Legends 5v5


NCS Minor!

F2P Tournaments

These are the free to play (F2P) more ‘casual’ tournaments you can play at GEXCon. There’s no additional cost and we will be using a different prizing structure for 2019! No need to come with a full team, we can assign one for you.


Pop’n Music, Jubeat, Neon FM, Beatmania IIDX, Ms. PAC_MAN AND SOOO MANY MORE! Unlimited play – no tokens required.

Table Top Games

We’re currently working with THE AMAZING WebDM Grant Ellis as our Tabletop Master, so come back soon and we’ll have more information.

Free to Play (F2P)

Jump on one of our PCs, log into your Steam account, and play whatever you would like for 1 hour. We’ll have plenty of games preloaded.

Virtual Reality

Want to see what all the hype is about? Use a HTC Vive or an Oculus Rift + Touch. Due to the number of attendees that LOVE this area, we’ve come up with a text messaging system that lets you know when you’re next. No need to stand in line for hours and miss the rest of GEXCon.


We’ll be bringing in nearly 40 PS4s and Xbox Ones for free play and tournaments! Make sure to check out the FGC tournaments in this area.

Artist Alley

Take a stroll through all the booths and check out all the amazing merchandise and artwork our vendors have to offer.


Come show off all your hard work and talent. From beginners to experts we encourge everyone to show off your inner Samus.  AND you can even strut your stuff in our 5th Annual Cosplay Contest.

Pixel Pop Maid Cafe

Pixel Pop Maid Cafe is a video-game centric maid cafe where you are the hero! Join them for board/card games, photos, cool tunes and dances to recharge and restore your HP!

Enjoy this fun and entertaining experience for free. Place your cafe order, take a seat, and the wonderful maids will bring your food and beverages to you.


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